Welcome to Primeridge Pure!

Imagine overlooking a ridge with a crisp, clear waterfall in the valley below. We are the ridge, Primeridge and our hands have prepared you with a view and taste of Pure, safe, healthy living.

As Pure as a waterfall, our handmade, artisan cheese is naturally fresh and captivating. We strive to create a breathtaking experience for you when diving into Primeridge Pure cheese.
The catering industry is timeless. From weddings to birthday parties to even celebrating the holidays, the need for extra, professional hands has always been apparent. Naturally, society changes its expectations often, which emphasizes the importance for industries to follow suit. As the world catches a glimpse of the more fit and aware norms of nations across the globe, it is obvious that catering Hamilton services have adopted more trendy approaches to their industry. If you are a caterer, take notes–your field is more different than you believe.

Joint pain and supplements to treat it
The job of connecting bones that joints are tasked with can be just stressful as it is vital. After working hard to provide support to the joints for an extended period of time, they can be damaged from any number of diseases or injuries. Causes for joint pain can range from rheumatoid arthritis to gout, but no matter what the cause may be, a supplement for joint supplements pain can bring great relief. The following are some of the best joint supplements out there for dealing with the pain before it becomes too debilitating.

Primeridge – On the Farm video!
Check out the great video on Primeridge, produced by OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs). It truly describes our why story and the passion behind our farmstead, artisan cheese. …