About Us

Why Pure?
Our mission for Primeridge Pure is:
“To process on-farm fresh, Pure artisan cheese, while ensuring high food safety and traceability standards and to promote heart-healthy living.”

About Primeridge Pure
The focus of Primeridge Pure is to present a final product that is fresh, safe and healthy. It is through these building blocks and our values that we will ensure you and your family, our farm and the environment are all connected.

Primeridge Pure is a true family farm – small with a big heart, that cares and values the simple things in life. We manage Pure straight from farm to fork, with a streamlined operation that incorporates all aspects of the production cycle. We can easily control traceability and overall food quality at high standards.

Healthy Living
We are committed to promoting healthy living and lifestyles. By offering fresh, low fat and non-homgenized milk products, we aim to create a health awareness and local food choice. Pure products can be part of your balanced diet, as outlined in the Canadian Food Guide.

We safely pasteurize our own milk on farm and do not process further (such as homogenization). We create safe, top quality artisan cheese, while ensuring Pure taste is not compromised.

Buy Local
We encourage you to explore your Buy Local options. Supporting local farmers is key to ensuring farms and agriculture stay in your community into the future.