Primeridge Pure – Artisan Cheese
Pure Cheeses:

Friesian Falls – feta style – Straight from our pure, Friesian milking herd, desire Friesian Falls feta style cheese on salad, apetitizers…

Snowy Highlands – brie style – Our Snowy Highlands is truly a natural beauty that reflectsthe winters in Grey Highlands. Aged gracefully, following french tradition, that when warmed combines a fresh milky taste with the art of cheesemaking; a sure pairing sensation.

Grey Rush – cream cheese style – A Pure temptation our Grey Rush mirrors a fresh cream cheese. A soft and creamy addition to any desert, sweet treat or breatfast favourite, this cheese is a Pure experience! Drained to perfection our Grey Rush is left with a light texture and full of flavor. Feel the Rush of the falls in Grey County.

Artemesia Mist – ricotta style – Primeridge Pure’s Artemesia Mist is definitely a refreshing dive into a silky, smooth, sweet cheese. Splash into the former township and home of Primeridge Pure to enjoy the mist that will compliment any culinary creation.

Pure Cheese Curds – our favorite! – Endulge in our Pure curds for a Primeridge falls view. These artisan cheese curds are truly satisfying for all cheese lovers. With a corky texture, Pure curds wil have you relaxing ridge side in no time.

When purchasing Primeridge Pure cheese you will be supporting and enjoying the benefits of:

Local farming
Young farmers
Partners that are available and visible
Farm fresh
Real Pure milk
Pasteurized for purification
Minimally processed
Potential health benefits
Reduce the risk of environmental impacts
Pure milk straight from our Holstein cow herd, is used to create Pure products. Our herd is the true Primeridge family!

Our cows are fed a natural diet and are raised with care and respect. The milk is processed on-farm in a food-grade processing plant, that is approved and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Milk is received into the plant by a licenced Plant Milk and Cream Grader and made into cheese by a certified Artisan Cheesemaker. Standard operating procedures are followed daily and critical control points are managed to maximum product quality and food safety.

Pure products are pasteurized at a low temperature, over a long period of time in a small batch pasteurizer, to preserve the Pure natural taste.